IG Love & Podcast News

it’s been a busy couple of weeks (since my last post). i finally got the first ep of the beauty inc podcast recorded. it’s a little bit raw, but i’ll be refining the details on it as time goes on. as my producer keeps telling me: just get the damned thing recorded, and published. so, i did. it’s on Soundcloud for now, iTunes to follow…..and as momentum builds, i’ll be looking into other (podcast) platforms to publish it to.


and for those of you who aren’t following me on my new IG account @itgirl_media, here’s the weekly overview of pretty pix (this first pic below is by IG-friend @styleundone¬†) the remainder, by yours truly.

all’s that’s left for me to say is: catch up with you next Monday, for more of the week’s antics & shenanigans

Bom semana todos!



hello, Monday

i had been meaning to stop in waaaayyyyy sooner than now, and now i’m here, it is good to be back. i never really went away, but my time has been spread A LOT thinner of late *glancing off into the distance and thinking about 2 IG posts i have to style*. who knew social media had to be….well….so social. me in my 40’s online, is almost a exact mirror image of me in my 20’s, when i was ‘dippin n doin’ it’ and had the energy to do it….the struggle is real, and a tad exhausting, but i wouldn’t have it any other way….

so between client’s social, Snapchat, and my new IG, and yes, my first love Pinterest does still get a look in, i am forever juggling.

visitors to this blog will notice the IG feed updates everyday – take it as a sign that i am still alive and well….pop by and say hi to me there…..let me see what you’re photographing, and lemmie see your inspiration. i adore looking at photos…but i don’t need to tell you that…..

i’m working on producing a beauty vlogcast – still waiting on my squarev producer to return. that’ll be fun, and they’ll be plenty of out-takes i’m sure. but in the meantime, a little snippet of my goings-on in pictures…..


until next time,