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One month ago, almost to the day actually, I had a conversation with my brother about updating a website called The Shinobi Academy – School of Mixed Martial Arts. All I really, and realistically, planned to do, was go into the back-end {I am slowly getting to grips with the techy terminology}, change the pictures, update the text, and contact details. Nothing more. Simple. I tapped the nib of my pen on my notepad, and pondered: had I bitten off more than I could chew? 

glitterguide2 webstercompany

Image credit: theglitterguide.tumblr/webstercompany.com

I had an idea in my head of what I wanted the site to look like. The dojo has grown, and evolved into a place of learning, a place to hone one’s martial arts skills, and a place to meet great people in the process. And it has {in the last 3 years} had the pleasure of hosting some of the most experienced coaches and students in mixed martial arts, alike. The new website had to reflect this. I needed help. There was no need to sit down with the client – he had given me full carte blanche to do what I liked…this was a product close to me, after all.

The plan was hatched and we set to work re-designing.

Every journey has to have a starting point.

This is where ours began:

Shinobi Screengrab

Shinobi Screengrab5

Shinobi Screengrab3


Image credit: theglitterguide

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