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So, you know a little bit about me. But what is it that I do? Well, if you have already dipped your toes into social media, i.e. you’ve set up your Facebook page, maybe even Twitter, and LinkedIn, and initially you started putting out regular status updates, and tweets. But the momentum, for whatever reason, has hit a wall. That’s where I come in: I manage the platforms for you, and suggest and implement new strategies. Re-design your page/s (if needs be), and a complete 360 – set  up your social media account/s {from scratch} if you are a newcomer to all of this. Remember though, not all the platforms will be relevent – and we decide this during the brief.


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Great! Then what? Your presence in the market place needs to be quantified, and at the very least ‘kept an eye on’. You have a strong brand, right? Your advertising says so. But, how well do you know your audience? Are they the kind of people who will tell other people how good you and/or your brand is? That’s good PR. But, you’ve got to start with a structured marketing plan, and social media is now an integral part of the process – as is your blog, if you chose to write one. Don’t panic!  Think of it like putting together a great outfit. Let me organize it all! And I love fashion too, by the way!

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Social media is a great way to reach your clientele, but {and the clue is in the name}, you have got to be social. But, if no-one is around to read what you have to say, your message could, and probably will get lost in all the ‘noise’ that is out there. So, the timing of your ‘words of wisdon’ is key.

And, then there is web design/re-design. I’ll intro my designer and code writter to you at another time though.

p.s. Until next time

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