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The reason behind re-designing the Shinobi Academy website in the first place, has always been to do with the fact that, in the last 3 years, it has evolved in so many ways. From the attendance figures, and on a personal level, the mental attitude of those who have come to train at the dojo, to the high level coaches and ‘students’, who have passed through the doors. A unique community has been built. And good friends have been made along the way.

The new site needed to reflect all of this, and a whole lot more! So, and not including the Shinobi family, as I will come to this in a later post, what is the Shinobi Academy all about, what makes it tick? What goes on behind the glass doors, and on the mats? Well, aside from the everyday mixed martial arts training, they also run, what has been affectionately called the ‘training camps’.

A very special training camp was ‘born’ nearly 3 years ago now, called Surf-jitsu.

Before, and after ‘The Everyday Icon’ treatment.

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And we have continued to ‘tweak’ this.

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