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You’d think that deciding on a font for your company logo would be easy. It isn’t. Well, for me, it isn’t.  The early attempts evolved into this:


And then this: {apologies for the faintness}


I’m a little closer to what I want. Gold is my color, of this I am 100% sure. I am trying another font though, {just to be sure to be sure}, Bentham, to give it it’s proper name {see last font on picture below}. The search {and design} goes on. Thankfully, I have a VERY patient designer who is no stranger to my indecisiveness.


Image credit: peterlovesjane

Once this has been finalized, I move onto my intro flyer, and proposal follow-up cheat sheet. *whisper* I have a pretty cool idea for both of these. Inspiration has been taken from my love of fashion – gotta take it where you find it, right. Stay tuned. Exciting stuff ahead. Header banners {and I’m doing something a little bit different here too}, business cards, website……All will be revealed.

Until next time,

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