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Lemmie kick things off today, with the first of my ‘In the Frame’ series – a client’s story in boards. And, since I always want to play the role of leading lady in my life, I thought what better than to start with me! The tune to ‘Come Fly With Me’ just popped into my head – note to self: less cheese & cliche {which I’m apparently allergic too anyway – I digress}.

As you may or may not know by now, I am all about the visual {thank you Pinterest & Instagram, I am forever in your debt}.  And so to my, {cue the song reference above} e-flyer, after all, who has time these days to read through reams of text? It’s that sinking feeling when you open your email account only to find it chock full of non-work messages that you do not have time to read at that precise moment. {Must practice more restraint when signing up to mailing lists}.

Anyhoo, I decided to put together an info-graphic. Short, sweet, to the point, and very me!


My inspiration &  journey started with this graphic:


It went through the mix more than a few times



And ended up like this:

candy flyer update copy

To-Do List update:

e-flyer  & contact list – job done, tick!

Until next time,

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