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The Shinobi Academy – School of Mixed Martial Arts, has been very busy over the last week. The video blogs are now back by popular demand, and from my end of things, the new website is NEARLY ready {well, to test}, the launch will be early 2014. And news just in: we are now ready to launch Shinobi FIT!


Shinobi FIT is the newest ‘member to the family’ of training programs at The Shinobi Academy. Part of the Shinobi: Become Bulletproof program , Shinobi FIT is personal training and fitness using martial arts. Training sessions are on a 1-to-1 basis or small groups of up to 2 people {train with a friend….why not, eh?}, and are held during the day from 9 – 5, and at weekends.

Under the guidance and expert coaching skills of Colin Byrne, Ninjutsu 3rd dan Black belt, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu purple belt, he will help you:

> lose weight

> get in shape

> improve your mental & physical agility

> learn a life skill.

That’s the unique part! Learning a basic martial art skill.


And to prove that he means business, here’s a sneaky at 2 of his ‘students’ Tory Locker and the Shinobi PG {boxing pad girl}

Regular food, training, and tutorial updates will be posted on the Become Bulletproof and Chic Athletique Facebook pages and respective blogs www.becomebulletproof.wordpress.com   &  www.cutthegloss.wordpress.com

Tune in, as we will be revealing the S:PG, snippets of the training and diet regime, and monthly updates on one of the other clients who has not long started on the program, but has already lost weight, and has a new-found passion for punching the kick shields, pads, and bags! I think that’s a man-thing!

See you on the mats

Until next time

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