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The Shinobi Academy storyboard is coming along nicely. It’ll be ready to view, ooohhhh….well, very soon. I am still working on the style layout.

Some layout/design inspiration: {L to R} stephanie-bradshaw.com Pinterest boards Gabriellekaiphotography.com


In the meantime, I have my social media manicured digits into an aspiring {and young-ish} chick-lit writer. The beginnings of her new book ‘From A to Chic‘ has got past it’s first chapter. And, without the much needed editing, it really is very good. I found myself wanting to know what happens next……..Good sign!!!! Plot, sub-plot, cover image, middle and end scenes are still TBC – as is the big ‘who am I’ author reveal. Or does she remain as an alias? All in it’s good time, though! I have since discovered, that one cannot rush the creative types among us.



It’s very girlie, and {goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway}, very chic. Think: the world of PR, meets long lunches, manicures and luxury. All of which are no strangers to my everyday language. I now need to decide whether I am going to release excerpts of the writings through this blog as it travels on it’s literary journey. And, I also have to build a social media campaign once the writing gets underway again, and dare I say it, the ‘book’ gets finished. My immediate thinking is a ‘magazine columnist’ vibe. To be continued…..

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