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I’ve been working two of my client’s Facebook fan pages side-by-side this week.

One of them is almost done {just need to figure out how to add the WordPress tab} – then Mr Shinobi Academy is 100% cooked. I’ll be revealing my new client next week. He’s talented, & musical….

But for now, a sneaky peaky at the ‘red, white, and black’ of The Shinobi Academy




To see what this handsome devil has been up to back at home, while on a tour of his old Dublin training haunts, check out the very same page, for banter, shenanigans, and Colin being Colin. And, I believe a gem of a video will be uploaded after tonight’s training in SBGi, that’s Straight Blast Gym Ireland, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand.

Here’s that all important link:


Shinobi Academy – ‘likey, likey’

p.s And I did promise the Shinobi story board would be published this week too….little delay while I get the ‘music man’ account up and running.

Until next time,

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