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Don’t you just love it when an ios app gets updated? I am particularly impressed with Twitter at the moment.

The all familar ‘Home’ page, and the 2 newbies: Discover {what’s Trending} and the Activity {of those you are following}. I will admit I am not on Twitter 24/7, so I am missing a lot of tweets from accounts that I am following. It was like the lovely people at Twitter HQ were reading my mind:

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And there are some pretty cool additions to Instagram too:


I have 2 members of The Everyday Icon family doing their thang on both platforms: serpiconinja (instagram) and @shinobiacademy (twitter), and newbie just in time for Christmas, samueljmusic (instagram), and @samueljmusik (twitter).

Hit ’em up with a ‘follow’ – they’re on You Tube as well – Samuel J is putting out some really cool music tracks at the moment, recording in one of my fave countries: Brazil. And our very own Colin Byrne aka Serpiconinja aka Shinobi Academy is perfecting the art of live amateur film making and is currently ‘on the streets’ of our home town of Dublin – the Shinobi Academy WordPress vblog has sprouted wings…..

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