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Because sometimes, and especially after and during a holiday season {it’s not officially over in my book until AFTER New Years Day}, you need a little bit of motivation to get you back into the social media swing of work…..


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Luckily, I’ve a) a quick conference call re: client’s website design – I know I keep harping on about it, but the Shinobi Academy {new} website is going to blow your socks off! It’s a fun account to be working on too, b) a couple of timeline banners to finalize c) a Facebook tab issue to ‘get around’, and finally d) I’ll be downing tools for the afternoon {after this ever so long and arduous list of to-dos…lol}


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And, just a quick ‘shout-out’ to the WeHeartIt customer service team {you know who you are…Fabio} – who, after reporting a ‘keeps crashing’ issue with the IOS app – have not only addressed my issue with a speedy retort, but they seem to be working behind the scenes in an attempt to bring us (the users) further updates! Bravo!


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