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Well, it’s actually the Talented Mr Byrne. But more about that in a tick.

This week there will be a conscious effort and big push on getting the remaining content {text and pictorial} & design finished, or at least several steps closer to finishing the long awaited Shinobi Academy website! We do plan to launch, or re-launch it at the end of January. The countdown has begun!

Some of the highlights:


In the meantime, Mr Byrne has a) been thanked by an esteemed coach

SBG Plaque

b) met up with friends old and new

and c) filmed and edited a stunning video of a special moment in Irish MMA history: the opening of the new SBG Ireland MMA Gym {full video can be seen on the shinobiacademy You Tube channel – title: smiles of lives changed}

Not only that, he has shared, tagged and posted comments all over his social media platforms. I am literally breaking into a sprint to keep up with his online activity!


I am predicting a successful 2014 for my sports client – he just keeps going from strength to strength!

Until next time,

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