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Creativity is one of my fortes, however, I am not really the best at the online tools used to translate my creativity into the beautifully crafted designs you see on the screen. I prefer to leave all that technical stuff {eeekkkk…see, even my terminology screams newbie} to those way more knowledgeable than me!

But {big but}, along comes a program that even I, with my two-left hands that match my sometimes two-left feet, can use. And that dear readers is saying something! I refer you to the {free} and extremely easy to use PicMonkey the photo editing suite that has saved my life this week, especially as my in-house designer was tied up on another project.

Inspired by The SITS Girls and Katy Widrick and armed with my photo editor, I got to work – for a change, on my own brand. It is still a work on progress, but I am getting there, and it is far cry from my very early attempts 3 months ago. I would like to thank the 3 mentioned women above for the inspirational reminder…..Lemmie share some of what I have put together thus far: the last one being the final of the 3.


Image credits used on flyers: fashiontoast.com  |   nuno da costa illustration  |   arturo elena illustration

And I’m not done yet. Thing is, I keep seeing lots and lots of creative flyers, media kits. My head is swimming with ideas of what to try next.

If you’ve not tried PicMonkey give it a go. Unless, and unlike me, you are a whiz at using Photoshop, that is!

Next item on my agenda: the media kit.

Creatively yours,

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