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There is never a typical week at The Everyday HQ. Last week I found myself doing a lot of troubleshooting, and I’ve had to call in the big guns for a particular client. I have a You Tube video link to Facebook issue, an ‘edit to a country target audience’ that is not as straightforward to change as it should be (or maybe it is, I just can’t see it). Luckily, for the latter problem, I have contacts in high places – none other than Facebook, Dublin itself. Well, no sense in using up valuable man-hours trying to figure it out when I can go straight to the proverbial horses mouth. It appears to be a common problem, a solution that I can hopefully share with y’all before the week is through! As for the You Tube video upload…..there appears to be a conflict with this particular file extension/format and the app….gggrrrrrr…crash course in IT coming right up!

And so, the weekly to-do:

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