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Here’s to another productive week ahead…..having set myself a task of to-do’s, I have to say, I flew through the entire list, and bar one item, completed it all *superhero cape flapping heroically behind me*

And so to yet another Monday….my thoughts turn to fitting my training program into my working schedule (details regarding the April triathlon and all the challenges that be-fall me are outlined in glorious technicolor on my other WordPress blog ‘cutthegloss’.


On a lighter note, and during a much needed break, I like to put my feet up, and read through some of my favorite blogs. Today’s ‘amuse bouche’ goes to DKNYPRGIRL and the ‘creative’ way {I use that term very loosely}, that some people write their show request emails. Occasionally, in my line of work I too have to oversee and manage guest lists, usually for music gigs, none as glamorous as a fashion show….yet. And I am yet to experience such tall tales….so for an afternoon chuckle, sit back, set fingers to ‘scroll’ and enjoy the ‘day-in-the-life’ PR humor.

image credits: dkny pr girl

Until next time {mouth still open in shock}

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