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Another successful dia de Sao Valentim’s is over for another year. Mine was filled with pink bubbles in a bottle, and chocolates (see my Instagram photos on rhs).

A few things that did strike me in the build-up to last weekend: very difficult to find cute little sheets of paper to send a quick note of thanks and the like on, and I am in desperate need of a new mouse-mat and desk calendar…Não é fácil {is not easy} to find something pretty and functional that I like either. So, what to do? Design something myself…with the help of my creative design collaborator – and from that thought – Glam Fab n’ Pretty {a project that was put to bed last year}, has been re-born.

It is back to the proverbial drawing board for me, for more scribbles and fancy fonts!

image credits: weheartit & dwellingsbydevore

I’m excited to get working on my first drafts, picture ideas, and story boards.

Also on the agenda: a new concept for the South-Western Algarve – a pop-up nail bar that I am helping a client launch this very Summer! And set to run for June, July, August & September only. Think baby pink and white for the color scheme with sparkles and glitter in gold or silver {I haven’t decided which yet}, tulips, tea-lights in glass holders, and glasses of crystal clear water infused with frozen fruit while you wait. With oodles of my favorite polish brand…Essie at our fingertips!

But much more of that in a later edition……

Until next time,

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