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the term ‘learn something new everyday’ has never been more relevant a term than it has today. my learning cup is full to the brim, and spilling over!

with what? my five Friday faves…..2 of which i knew about already (slideshare & picmonkey), of which 1 (picmonkey) i had mentioned in a previous post. so here goes:

1. awesome screenshot {how had i not heard about this before? *puzzled expression* i have been crying out for something like this for what seems like forever. it’s now lovingly installed on my chrome browser}

2. Placeit – examples of me giving this ‘app’ a test-drive below

3. Infogr.am after all, who doesn’t love an info-graphic, and an interactive one at that

4. Slideshare sassying up the Powerpoint presentation

5. PicMonkey the easy to use photo editor for those not yet au fait with the full blown Photoshop suite

if you’re a visual junkie like me, and you’re not using any of these yet, i highly recommend. i’m yet to try out the infogr.am platform but cannot wait to give that a whirl. anything that allows me to present a client’s visual content in a more professional {and creative} way is music to my ears and puts a smile on my face.

have a good weekend/boa fim-de-semana

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