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After a weekend of doing…..ooohhh, not so much, my ‘batteries’ have been re-charged. I am putting together an SM marketing brand awareness plan/campaign for a potential client, and these are some of the things that they’ll need to be aware of {although, they kinda already know it}, laid out in lovely little bite-sized pieces. First up on my Monday agenda is Twitter.



Mentions: Appear at any point in the tweet, except not at the beginning. e.g. ”i really love @theeverydayicon is doing”

The tweet appears in your stream (the person writing it), the users’ stream (theeverydayicon) and the stream of those that follow the user.

In short, mentions are a way of endorsing the user and a way of reaching potential new followers.


@replies: Appear at the start of a tweet. e.g. ”@theeverydayicon i really love what you are doing” The tweet will appear in your feed, the users feed, and the feed of users who follow you both.

A smaller audience reach but great for accounts that are looking to engage in conversation with the brand/company/product

Favorite: not unlike a Facebook ‘like’ – used by the portion of your audience who like to consume rather than share your content. Not a great contributor to reach, but it shows how your content is resonating with your audience. 

.@replies: {note the dot before the @ and this was one i hadn’t paid much attention to} Appears at the start of a tweet, and used if you want your followers to see the replies to the brand/company/product. Tweets appear in your timeline, and the timeline of the brand, and are seen by your followers, your followers’ followers e.g. ”.@theeverydayicon loving your work, especially the early stuff”


And last but not least,

the hashtag {#}: reserved for terms that are searchable, clickable, and measureable. Tempting to over-use, but a good way to gauge activity and interest when you are promoting a brand, product or cause.

Phew! That was just the tip of the iceberg! Throughout the course of the day, I dug deeper into what makes Twitter tick…..I mean tweet. And I still have Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and You Tube to dissect.

Time for a break at this juncture, time for a cuppa!



Until next time,

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