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there is something incredibly refreshing about doing an on-line spring clean, and my twitter account got just that earlier today. another of my fyi moments from the social media explorer podcast host michael stelzner’s interview with kim garst – kim mentioned manageflitter and i knew i just had to try it – it did not disappoint. one thing i was glad of is that i wasn’t following any fake twitter accounts – although, you gotta upgrade to the premium account to unlock the feature that tells you if any spam/fake accounts are following you.

i managed to flush out accounts that had yet to tweet……and those who i had to question, why i was following in the first place. and then there are those that tweet a ‘zillion’ times in a day……*raising an eyebrow* what’s the story with that, eh?

anyhoo, all is in order once again. i did a test drive using my @stylealgarve account, i really ought to do the same for @blingblingsugar too. i have a sneaky that account needs a long overdue ‘clean-up’!!

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