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1) So, I’ve now created my RebelMouse page……..a place where you can see my social media activity at a glance….cute, huh???

Not to mention how I’ve been raving about RM on Twitter, and recommending a friend use it too…..

Off the back of that, I got noticed by

2) Totallydot.com {i plan to try The Shinobi Academy on this one}

3)  JustUnfollow

4) Twi5

And my inquisitive mind also happened upon

5) Scoop.it

6) Canva {experimenting below}

7)  and  LivLuvCreate

And I still have a whole lot of other platforms to look into – it is going to be a busy week ahead, and I’m signing up a new client…..is that the kettle I hear boiling….lol

Until next time,

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