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so, news just in – i have been having problems with the ‘awesome screenshot’ app. it kept crashing, and then just earlier it shut itself down. what i liked about it was that it offered different screen areas in-which to grab….nice touch! while it sorts itself out, i took the liberty of downloading another application called Jing by TechSmith and there’s a cool little way that it is displayed on your screen too – i’m impressed with the creativity!

 image credit: daily glamorous

also, you’ll have noticed some new images in my sidebar with little annotations  – yep, i’ll be working with my little bro, the designer to come up with some cute little desk accessories, while the glamfabn’pretty concept is all about creating cool concepts for product launches and events – all things that are in the pipeline….social media is all about having fun and being creative after all!

Think nystandard an adorable personal styling and lifestyle blog meets chic pop-up nail bar

until next time