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lots of newbies on the social media scene…..my usual go-to source on all that is happening, is the social media examiner website {i also subscribe to their mailing list, so it is simply impossible for me to miss anything}

first up, on LinkedIn {a much under-used social platform, even by me…*slapped wrists*}

content marketing score – an analytics resource that gives you insight into the impact of your paid and organic content


trending content  – enabling you to see what content is resonating with your target audience, and the individuals who are engaging with the most content on any given subject

Twitter desktop now supports our much-loved emoji {long overdue if you ask me} *smiley face*

Facebook Messenger adds groups for us IOS users

And and for those who are bored with predictive text {not me, i keep mine turned OFF} or indeed ‘text-talk’, there is now Emu – texting with a build-in assistant. who among us wouldn’t like an assistant? i’d need one who could schedule way more than a lunch appointment – organizing my life on the other hand, would be more than marvelous, right now!

IOS is getting a lot of goodies – introducing Melodigram – take a picture, add background sound and a message *raising an eyebrow*  – i’m tempted.

but what has really made me smile this week {already}, is embedding my rebelmouse page onto my Everyday Icon Facebook page, using Woobox. if you have an account, click this link rebelmouse for a how-to………..

here’s to a busy week!

until next time,