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so, my social media source for updates and what’s happenin’ goes once again to THE SOCIAL MEDIA EXAMINER. I got me a handy little Instagram extension button installed – making managing a client’s account WAAAYYY easier…..

and if you don’t know already……i love a GIF, so what better than an ENTIRE website dedicated to every animation under the sun…..candy-shop, kid, in, a springs to mind. i am in heaven, and they have several of my favorites, including Karlie Kloss opening the Christian Dior show

Christian Dior show

and in other news: Colin Byrne of The Shinobi Academy (the very person who got ME listening to podcasts) finally appeared on one himself earlier this week called the SetantaMMA Show. never a dull moment, and needless to say Fergus Ryan and Stephen Lowry aka bjjlowbowski gelled really well with our ‘Serpico Ninja’ – several coffees later a fine bit of Irish banter n podcast history was made – well done lads, yous played a blinder (Irish slang)

and finally, {this is long awaited}, the Shinobi Academy website is being tested for functionality this weekend by yours truly, and we plan to re-launch our golden boy back into the stratosphere at the end of this month! *breathing sigh of relief* for a job very well done by Jewel Edge Design and project managed by the Icon Sport division of The Everyday Icon {more on that at a later date}. He’s even got a brand new video intro and has embraced the hash-tag phenomenon!

so, until next time. have a good weekend y’all