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was reading through one of my fave lifestyle blogs earlier – The Decorista by Ashlina Kaposta, and she made mention of an event that is happening later this month, called Design Your Hustle. It involves the co-lab of Robert Allen, Barbara Viteri Style Management, Michel Boyd – designer and Miss Ashlina herself. with a cool title like that, i got to thinking: The Everyday Icon – yes, it’s social media marketing, but due to my wide range of interests, it’s actual so much more…..i like design – and while i am not about to start down the road of interior design, i do like my work area to look pretty {and organized} with zero clutter. with that said i’m big into chic desk accessories…coming soon {and i have to sit down with my brother and owner of jewel edge design} to come up with some designs for general desk stationary – note-lets, mouse mats, prints, screen savers.

then there is the ‘opening of an envelop’ aka events, who doesn’t like a good party, eh?

and where it all started…….

the creative juices are flowing…who knows where this will go….
until next time

Candy xo