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there are times when a simple editing suite will do the job, but, you just need a little something extra….my first attempt: which will definitely need the help of my talented brother to sharpen it up ‘around the edges’ so-to-speak. fun exercise though…

and so to try out Pixlr-o-Matic…..run your mouse over the image once you’ve selected it, and watch the really cool effect they’ve used of the ‘old’ way of developing photographs manually – even down to the ripple of the liquid! i know some ‘old school’ photographers who still like to use this process – dark room n’ all!

this online photo editor comes in 3 options: pixlr editor, pixlr express, and pixlr o-matic. you can get the latter 2 in the app store on IOS and Google PLAY. the full editor is a lot more complicated, not unlike photo-shop with the advanced techniques that it offers,  and takes a bit of time to learn how to use it – if like me, you’re not a fully fledged designer that is. as you know, i leave all that really technical stuff to JED.

but, a big thumbs up to Pixlr – i now have yet another app to ‘jazz-up’ my pictures!

until next time,