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this week {starting on Thursday through to Sunday}, i shall be guest posting on a client’s Facebook page – i’ve decided to give each day a theme while incorporating the Back From Bali brand (that’s the name of the client by the way). Add a touch of the Balinese lifestyle (that’s where the brand is made), and a take a look at the Spring/Summer 2014 runway trends into the posts – not unlike what you’ll see at the moment – and aside from me telling you about it, you shouldn’t really notice that, for 4 days, they’ll be a different ‘author’…..of course, while the client’s brand is first and foremost, it won’t go un-noticed for those who know me, to expect a sprinkling of ‘icon glamour’ to the proceedings.

so, that’s the planning all done, now to wait for final edits!

until next time,

Candy x