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i’ve been doing a bit of troubleshooting this week, and after trying a few different, but unsatisfactory solutions to my issue, which is: what do you do when you have a brand or chain of businesses, each one with a page on Facebook, and you want to link all the pages to the main page (HQ)? well, Facebook offers a nifty little option called ‘locations’. a look at 3 big brands who are putting this to good use….Starbucks’ location page is particularly interesting actually…i like the way they have listed each location by country region, and displayed the like button and count too……plus like with the other examples, you have the option of clicking onto each ‘sister’ page.

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now all i have to do is figure out if Facebook are offering this service to all or the select many, and does the page have to be verified first?

the plot thickens………

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