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well, thanks to my social media go-to: social media examiner podcast and website, i have discovered a fabulous platform called….Thunderclap. not to be mistaken for the ficticious superhero character created by Marvel Comics….{lol}. the Thunderclap that i speak of is, and i quote ‘an online flash-mob‘ – so your message when you and your friends say it together, at the same time, is a thunderclap blasted out across Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. in other words, it’s a crowdspeaking platform to amplify your message……and i’ve only found out about it now *look of utter puzzlement*…….better late than never i s’pose…it’ll be one of those questions: where were you when you first heard about Thunderclap? i shall remember this day for ever!


with all the ‘noise’ out there, social media is indeed a great way to get your message/cause out to an audience, but it can often be difficult to make sure it gets heard. herein lies a solution!

image cred: shopruche

i intend to put this tool to very good use with a campaign for a certain mixed martial artist client, and a particular launch that he has coming up soon. in the meantime, my attentions are turning to another method of getting ‘the word out there’ – we’re starting the shoot for our first Shinobi Academy promo video publicising a couple of 2-day seminars and women’s only mini training camps…..on-location stills to follow….

until next time