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i do love a good design update, especially when it’s from one of my favorite SM platforms. WeHeartIt ‘jazzed’ theirs up a month or two ago, and now tis the turn of Pinterest. you’re all familiar with the ‘old’ layout, so i won’t bore you with those details. the ‘new’ has not been over-done, which makes it even more impressive….i give you peoples exhibit ‘a’…

not content with JUST a re-design, they’ve also added a direct messaging option…..while i love this, it does open the flood-gates for spamming {and i have already fallen prey to this}, something i am happy to overlook as Pinterest really can do no wrong in my eyes.

i am waiting on the proverbial baited for the next installments….although, there isn’t much more that they need to improve on just yet.

until next time,