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it was only a matter of time before Pinterest followed suit – and it is finally here…. ‘promoted pins’ that is. a client received an email from Pinterest to inform her that she had been selected to try out this feature. it is being rolled out to US small businesses/brands at the moment…hit ’em up with an email if you want to try it – they will get back to you when they are ready to let you give it a whirl. You gotta have a business account though. the set-up is straightforward, n you can set your own budget. Pinterest make money, and you get to promote your branded pins…..

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if you are a small business owner on Pinterest and you don’t already have a business account, i strongly recommend you convert. you won’t lose any of your current pins/boards, but you also get access to analytics, business-tailored support and the latest tips from Pinterest…also, don’t forget to verify your website – that is super important.

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happy pinning, and have a good weekend!