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i’m still away from my ‘desk’….and currently perched on the edge of a massage bed writing this….yes, you read that correctly. i am officially still out in the ‘wilderness’ but will be returning to base-camp on Sunday, and back to my desk as of Monday – the catch-up list is literally as long as my arm: the joys of Summer, eh.

so, what’s this news? well, i decided moments ago to read some unopened emails, one in particular about must-have marketing tools, namely Post Planner.


what does it do? it allows you to schedule viral posts to ALL your pages in less than a minute, in a nutshell: a powerhouse post scheduler, so you are effectively being given the tools to ‘triple your (page) engagement in 10 minutes a day (oh yea, did i mention you log in through Facebook, and the basic package is FREE!). there’s a little step-by-step that ‘talks’ you through the set-up..it’s super easy, and you can edit it at any time.

i’m now ‘in like flynn’…..will let you know how this fairs. i’ve just added my own pages to the platform for now – kinda using myself as the guinea pig before i add client pages…..


until next time…psst…..a big thumbs up to Pinterest for now offering analytics to those business accounts who haven’t verified their website yet…… #lovinyourwork