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this tip and heads-up came from Erin Sousa, director and lifestyle blogger of The Sparkle and Sparkle Media. i’ve been following her blog for ages now. i love the pretty pictures and creativity. and her posts NEVER fail to inform. one such post from yesterday’s blog roll mentioned Todoist a desktop (it’s available as an app too) task manager. you add your daily tasks, kinda like a to-do list, in fact, it’s exactly like a to-do list. it is sent you via your gmail account ready for the next day (that’s one of the ways you can log in), and you tick off as you go….basically, it helps you get organized. something i need A LOT of at the mo’….especially as all my clients are on different time zones. i’m finding that there aren’t enough hours in the day. there are, i just need……say it one more time….to get organized!

image: elembee.com

i started using it today (i’m using the free option at the moment), and this blog post is number 6 on a list of 7 (morning) items. i feel like i’m getting somewhere….finally…… *big smile* and highly recommend you give it a try (if you haven’t already).

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