hey all, how ya doin’?

a brief (which actually turned into a very long and interesting) chat with a re-found (is that a word?) friend earlier in the week, about being consistent in one’s online social media activities, made me question my own ‘frequency’. both blogs have taken a gradual dip in posting frequency, not because i have wanted to….perish the thought. no, and this is a good complaint: my work load has increased, and i find myself dedicating more of my time to my clients. good stuff, huh.

with that said i must not allow installments of ‘doin’ my thang’ to suffer. so, this blog, i have decided will be taking a little change in direction. it’ll still include social media musings, but i’m also all about (that bass….heheheee), fashion, beauty, sports (cutthegloss.wordpress.com will be covering that particular pastime), lifestyle, and glamour. after all it is called ‘the everyday icon’ – and this blog should reflect what i do….everyday. instagram kinda gets all that across, i just have to think of this platform as the fabulous designer accessory.

brief snippets of the week…..and more desk ‘furniture’ aka chic decor pieces.

until next time,