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hey there, i hope you had a good weekend. mine consisted of a bit of window shopping in Zara Home {adore that store at this time of the year with their Christmas displays, and the smell of their gorgeous scented candles…..*major swoon*}, a bit of a dash through Kiko Cosmetics, where i tried {all the way up my arm}….a few of their pencil lip-glosses…yea, I know, how cool, huh? but the real haul was got on a detailed fine tooth combed rummage through Penney’s {Primark}, where i picked up a few ‘pink-things’: magnets that i have no use for at the moment, a pig-pot lip gloss {you can never have too may glosses}, a sparkly notebook and, get this….argan oil {a must-have for frizzy/dry tresses}, and all at super affordable prices {all were €4 and under}…my kinda place! and all in the pursuit of creating a cool and inspiring home office area.


tomorrow i’ll be doing a quick ‘n easy DIY project….recycling a used glass candle holder. perfect for holding all your pens or desk ‘bits ‘n pieces’

until then,