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i’m about one week away from decking the halls, but that hasn’t stopped me giving A LOT of thought to my ultimate Crimbo wish list. it’s the first time that i’ve actually committed it to ‘paper’, but it will, i hope avoid any disappointments *virtual fingers crossed*

so, without further ado, i give you: my little list of festive goodies, titled: home office hustle. i am however, being super realistic, and expecting this to be a year long challenge…….*giggle* anyone else got there’s? now then, where did i put Santa’s contact details…..????


1. Pretty pink, gray & gold striped straws

2. Tory Burch desk calendar {although i shall be ordering Sandy M’s 2015 calendar}

3. Scented Candle

4. Samsung Galaxy S Tablet {in bronze…of course! this gurl has gotta bling fetish}

5. White Logitech keyboard {wireless}

6. White Logitech mouse {wireless}

7. Gold bling stapler

8. Lucite desk chair {fluffy cushions optional, altho’ probably necessary}

until next time,

Candy x