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so my small office area is starting to take shape. i’ve still a ways to go though. the dark brown shelf was painted cream 2 weeks ago – instantly brightening up my corner. {i plan to give it another coat….because, well….it needs it}, and next up was the turn of….. {i don’t have an obsession with this color, honest} a brown picture frame.

a bit of sanding down, several coats later, and the {not-so-helpful} help of my tortie cat, Squirrel, the frame got an instant make-over…….

……..and is now in it’s new home above my desk.

i’m already thinking about my next do-it-yourself project: i shall be swapping my paint brush for a scalpel. see you next time as i try to make 4 {17 x 17} cards fit into 4 {12 x 12} allocated spaces in a frame. i may have bitten off more than i can chew…..heheheeeeheee