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it’s the night before Christmas….happy holidays everyone! eat, drink, and be merry. we’re celebrating in the Algarvian sunshine…snow is but a distant memory, but i’ve sparkly lights up, singing santa’s, and scented candles. the main man will be in the kitchen tomorrow cooking up a feast. we’ve a neighbor joining us for nibbles, food, white Port, and a bottle of something sparkling for a toast to 2014 {which i’ll tell you now….has been challenging: full of ups and a few significant downs…..2015 will be better though}.

thank you for coming on this journey with me. i hope you’ll stick around for the next annual instalment. the video blog is now up – i’ll be doing a lot more of that…..at least one vid per week: the home office desk tour is being edited as we speak. i’ll be updating this area throughout the year as it’s not quite how i want it……just yet.

so, i’m taking a few days off & away from the computer….but i’ll be checking back in just before NYE.

have a fabulous day everyone….slainte, salut, cheers