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yay! we made it through a busy 2014. strangely enough, january 1st felt like ‘just another day’ which it was, and this year…so far, doesn’t feel any different. i still haven’t gotten into the full swing of things though…..luckily, like years gone by, i haven’t made any {ridiculous} resolutions, i haven’t made ANY resolutions at all……as a friend said earlier…’when you get to my {her} age, you’ve kinda done most things, failed at a few more’ so the trick is to keep on going, take it all a day at a time, be consistent and the rest will take care of itself……i’m not gonna stress myself out over anything….well, i’ll try not to.

so, with all that said, and with a year of video blogging to plan and execute, i wanna leave today with 2 musings i read earlier….kinda sums it all up really……


i like the idea of letting a pile of my good things grow…….

until next time,

feliz ano novo meus amigos