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hey there, so it goes without saying that i truly am a huge fan of visual social media. and while i think everyone needs to be on Facebook, it is no longer my main go-to. i adore Instagram, am having a love affair with Pinterest, am bff’s with We Heart It, and am venturing slowly but surely into video blogging via You Tube; more about THAT project later.

so, how do i set up my photos? i am limited with space, as my office area is a little corner in the lounge…..therefore, i need to improvise. and no your eyes do not deceive you…i am working off the top of the printer.

they’ll be an update on this DIY project in a few months, as i plan to try out another {and hopefully better} idea. but for now, take a look………..

your back-drop needn’t cost a fortune either. i used: a white canvas board and a sheet of thick white paper. and both are super easy to take down and store away!

what backgrounds are you using?

until next time,