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1) so this week i had another burst of creativity. i set up a new blog {for myself} titled Hell in a Prada Handbag. its not on public view at the moment as i want to get some more posts published first. and the tagline? daily musings of a chick who doesn’t always have her chic together…even i am human!

image sourced on provocativewoman

2) for another {design} project i’m creating some day planner inserts to help me better organize my days, weeks , & months…taking inspiration from Carly Robertson

and 3) im super excited that the long awaited new website for The Shinobi Academy is now done, done, done, and we are awaiting a technical chat with our web-host company to get the old changed to the new. with that said, at some un-confirmed date in March – Mr SA will be once again, live and direct with lots of cool bells n whistles…i am simply ecstatic! it has been {on and off} two years of intensive designs, re-designs, and re-designs +. Jewel Edge Design have really done us proud. their next {in-house} project {which we have already been speaking about} will be MY very own website *release the fairy dust and sparkles*

until next time