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client news: the new {and improved} website for the shinobi academy is now LIVE! it’s been over a year in the re-design, and Jewel Edge Design, without ever setting foot in the Algarve, or the dojo, has with my direction, captured what we like to call ‘the shinobi lifestyle’, because to be honest, it’s so much more than just mixed martial arts. we’ve tried to put it into words, and we wanted to tell the story. but we’re going to let the images speak for themselves. and the images contain the members who have made the gym what it is today.

J.E.D nailed the brief {you’ll find his profile on LinkedIn }. we have a few little tweaks to address {namely the correct page URLs, s’all about Google indexing after all}, but the main thing was to get it published.

a little reminder of what ‘we’ used to look like:

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some difference, huh?

and i don’t want to ever forget who got the ball rollin’. Celtic Technologies gave Shinobi the ‘phase 1’ start. we’ll let phase 2 settle into its own for a little while, and there is more to come…..watch this digital air-space!

until next time,