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it’s not everyday that i get to shop…i am a start-up digital media darling after all, who, {if i can’t DIY-it or paint it}, i will go out and buy it, but, it HAS to be on a BUDGET.

i’m already all over social media with this mini-haul. and after this blog entry i’ll be prepping the same for tomorrows video blog too {one of my many to-do list, to-dos}.

so, without further ado, a few little things that are ALL related to my online digital activity, and that help make my job even more enjoyable.

first up, my ‘i’ve been looking for one of these for the longest time’ clear clip boards. this one is doubling up as a wall display for my printables {under €3}

this next one is going to look really random, but it’s actually on the ‘items that you’ll need’ list for the ‘whipping up something delicious in the kitchen’ video blog that i have planned for the week after next. and the flowers? under €2 for a big bunch {not all are shown here}.

ok, so this next one IS random. the bell is to let me know when the kitchen is ‘open’ and why? i do not know…you can tell this wasn’t one of MY purchases……and the candle {€3} is for my desk…..i like to have one burning while i work…….and this has a pretty rose fragrance.

and last but not least, and i think my favorite purchase of the lot, probably cuz i snagged it on what i like to call ‘the walk of temptation’ to the check-out desks.  y’know what i mean right? just when you think you have everything, there’s the items that are not on the main shop floor, but displayed ever so seductively at the check-out aisle. and said ‘q’ is always long enough to give you lots of time to browse…they even invite you to touch……lol!

yep, supping water is a must, so you may as well do it from a pretty cup that comes with its own straw {€3}

all items were from Penney’s/Primark, except the clip-board, bell & flowers

photo’s editing apps used: Snapseed & Canva

have a good week!