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eeekkkkk….it has been a long a** while, huh. between video blog, website, & the 2015 training camp media planning schedule…LIFE, which always gets in the way of my digi-media presence. my new passport arriving…finally…i dragged my feet on that one for a whole YEAR!!! i know!!!

catching up on what’s hot n what’s not in SM, all the while using the cats as ‘guinea pigs‘ for Snapchat and Twitter video as they made their online debuts….they are the only ones living the rockstar glam lifestyle, OK.

and yet, in -between all of that, i have my to-dos, to do……

1. upload new data to new Samsung Galaxy Grand (oh yea….i waved a goodbye to the ios 2 weeks ago)

2.  check out flipagram, lapse it & the new improved snapseed for android

3. update all 4 blogs {don’t ask….}

4. figure out how to create an image with a hidden message that is revealed using a particular filter (in Instagram) for a client campaign. a process called stegangraphy.  I need the know-how Ted Baker….!!!!

5.  plan a 1 minute  pre-training camp promo

6. plan MY next vlog

7. star in Shinobi vlog (hanging out n having fun weekend) – published!

8. news just in:  open graph meta tags, Facebook Crawler, Fling app,  BridgeX (which i have been informed IS NOT available in my region….setting face to NOT HAPPY), PixelKnot, Periscope

all words i now use in my vocabulary

9. after much resistance, i downloaded the Facebook Messenger…..yea, i  know..the next pic says it all…..

image c/o: simplesunsigns


10. complete my Wendy Williams after-show marathon……. on You Tube (in case you thought i was referring to some kind of exercise regime…lol)

and that, as we say in showbiz circles……is a wrap!

can anyone see where the time goes?

until next time,