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the long awaited team ryano mma training camp is about to begin. the first few ‘campers’ have arrived {a day ahead of schedule}…keen, huh. well, how could they not: 1) the camp takes place in our very own little ‘hub of happiness’ the shinobi academy, and 2) the weather is hot, hot, hot! side note: the outdoor pool at Iberlagos and Dona Ana beach below the resort are CLOSED!!! i know, DO NOT ASK!

on a brighter note: they’ll be a vlog going live later on the shinobi academy channel {i’ll link you up when i have it}

i’ll be tweeting live from the mat. i’ll be snapchatting to y’all, updating the Facebook page, and i’ll be pinning to my hearts content. and DO NOT get me started on Instagram. look, it’s like this: i have 4 full days of a social media schedule to get through. and you wanna know what, i’m not going to plan anything. i’m gonna just throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks –  trust me when i tell you, these ‘boys’ are unpredictable, i just gotta go with the flow.

and also, it’ll be great to see some ‘long-time-no-see’ faces again. i do love a good auld training camp for that reason…..

so, without further ado, don’t walk, RUN to your desks….this is gonna be….well, just see for yourself.

twitter – shinobiacademy * youtube – shinobivlog *facebook – shinobi academy * instagram – serpiconinja & candy273 {that’s me on the end}, and snapchat – upperchicside {candy donovan}. pray i do not break an important nail in the process.

until tomorrow