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hey hey, i’m back! i hadn’t gone far at all though. one mma training camp of 24+ mixed martial artists to organize, document it all across social media, collaborate with fellow You Tuber, photographer and film-maker Mr ‘Shinobi Vlog‘ to do our first DAILY vlog co-lab, celebrate a birthday {mine}…29 again, but who’s counting, prepping for the first official film-making gig for new client Squarev.Media {i’m going off site for this. back to the emerald isle}, and oh, forgot to mention, i fitted in {is that correct english?} a trip to london {and back} before all of the above got under way.

so, this rather busy picture of my last 2 weeks has been painted in shorthand form. tis a tough life, but someone has to do it at icon events.

Team Ryano/BJJ Revolution Training Camp

before, after & there-after

meet the event team

and the ‘another-year-younger’ birthday…did i mention i snuck in a trip to the nail salon somewhere in between all of that?

tune in for tomorrow’s hot-topic: new {irish} digital company that are about to launch called Squarev.Media

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