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in less than 24hrs we {2 of the 3 members of the squarev.media team} will be homeward bound to ireland for our first conference.

i’m a little out of sync as i had planned to tell you all about this new project of ours. i’ll get to that next week. in the meantime, i’ll be snapchatting from my account {candy donovan}, IG’ing from squarev.media’s account, {that will go live later today}, Twitter and Facebook and the two boys? they’ll be filming, interviewing, and capturing the event in glorious technicolor.

and the event? Atlan Tec 2015: The Art of Software Development

as well as handling the social ‘stuff’ for the squarev.media brand, i’m also painting the SM picture for our client’s event seen through our svm eyes. luckily multi-tasking is not a problem for me. i take it all in my stride. and i don’t have a particular plan either – i’ll grab and capture ad-hoc moments on the day and put my icon creative mark on it.

the journey will start the minute we get to packing. you’ll be able to follow the daily antics on the shinobi vlog and squarev.media YOU TUBE channels.

stay tuned!