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bom dia! having a blogging schedule has really taken such a weight off my shoulder – d’you know what i mean? why i hadn’t organized this moons ago i will never know…..but hey, i’m a slow burner….

so, what’s the diddly for today you ask? well, photo editing apps is what. i have installed and un-installed more apps than you can shake a manicured nail at, and (i think) finally, i have settled for some good-uns.

here’s what i’m using: and i photograph (on my phone)… A LOT.

i recently switched up to a Samsung Galaxy Grand (which i adore). who wouldn’t…it’s got a 5in screen compared to the iPhone4 (one reason for my failing eyesight became glaringly obvious…instantly), i mean, how small is that iphone screen? ain’t nobody got time for that…but wait, i haven’t flung the iPhone into a coffin just yet…i use it for some squarev.media social (snapchat)

so without further ado, here’s what i’m loving right now:


no need to chitter-chatter about it, any IG’er worth his/her salt will be familiar with it. for those of you who aren’t (and i suspect you are in a teeny-weeny group of…just you…4 words: need it, get it!

2. SquareFX

i’ve tried a few (instasize being one), but i’m going out on a limb and settling on this one. 2 words. Love It! It is beyond annoying when you’re beautiful pics don’t fit IG dimensions – this takes all the pain and worry away.

3. Sparkmode…formerly Mirrorgram

you know those pics that don’t quite fill the screen? well, you can mirror image it, and now with this re-vamp the developers have taken a great app to the next level, and it is amazing. A definite must-have!

FYI: only on IOS (at the mo’) in the Google Play store i downloaded one called PhotoMirror, but there’s also Mirror Pic, and Mirror Photo…

4. Photo Wonder

I love their tag-line: ‘fire up your social network’

there is just so much to say about this one, but check it out for yourself. it’s the same icon for both operating systems – don’t you just love when they do that?

5. moreBeaute2 & Beauty Camera (android)

EVERY selfie lover, NEEDS this app! end of story!

and two that i need to test-drive

6 & 7. HDRFx Pro & VSCO Camera

the latter i am told is great for editing food pics *curious face*

let me know what apps you’re using and/or recommend. i am on the search for the ultimate. i think i have found all that i need in the above….but, am i missing anything?

image cred: vk.com

until next time

p.s. mostly likely to find me over at: twitter/facebook/instagram – squarev.media