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well last week was fun. i’ve upped my Snapchat game. got more social with my media. spoke to 2 more potential clients, had a pow-wow with the lovely Hubspot (Dublin office), and this week we’re off to do a bit of filming at a cool bar/restaurant in the Golden Triangle area of the Algarve. it’s called Breeze…..and yep, it actually looks like it sounds.

theeeennnnnn, as soon as we finish that fab-u-licious job, we gotta wrap our heads around doing a re-shoot of a vila for a real estate agent. all eyes are on Pinterest {i’ve created a new inspo board} as not only are we re-shooting, but they’ll be some re-styling of the interiors too….we like to call it dressing da room.

i am currently obsessing over shelves, and coffee table decor

image cred: teenvogue.com

image cred: the every girl

updates on both projects will be on our social media platforms

so stay tuned!

until next time

Candy xo