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so earlier in the week i got an invite from Kaz Naya, CEO of Vibbidi – what’s that you ask? a video editing app for Instagram, is what. shed a tear Android users – it is only avail on IOS – at the moment. i am sure the developers are working feverishly to add an Android OS to the fold.

i’m not in an exclusive club though – drop them a line to request an invite. i’ve yet to try it out, but i love the idea of and you know me, i adore anything that will add a little something to my visuals.

give it a whirl and let me know what you think. tweet me at my other Twitter lo-cay: SQUAREV.media

and also on the subject of video……have you seen a few Snapchat images with LOTS more text than you thought possible? i got you covered….n i looked into this immediately…ain’t Google a wonderful thing, huh?

how to bypass Snapchat’s 31-character limit. and because i am now a Samsung user {with an old iPhone4}, i naturally need to know how to hook myself up with an Android ‘hack’ too.


not without it’s drawbacks though. you gotta perform this function EVERY TIME you wanna add more text, somehow i can’t see us bothering…at least not every time.

and for Android users – well, let’s just say…the process is a little more long-winded. i may have bitten off more than i can chew on this one. time vs usability doesn’t make it worthwhile for me.

it does just need to be on the cards for a future update…..!!! that is all.

image cred: it.paperblog.com

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