it’s only me!

thank goodness for social media, huh because without it, i could be accused of disappearing off the face of the earth. well, i haven’t, as you can tell. i’ve just not been in my usual {and scheduled} blog-a-sphere. the best laid plans, eh

but, drop in and say hi on twitter {squarevmedia} or on Instagram {candy273} – my feed is on the RHS of this page.

i’ll be re-organizing my desk {yes, again} – well, i have a new monitor, and need a whole new space to house it…any chic top of my desk items that i need to know about, organizationals….you know the kinda thing i love – tag me on a picture on Instagram.

image cred: bestfriendsforfrosting

i shall be back to regular musings in September, at least this is what i am hoping. and in the meantime, if anyone out there knows how i can clone myself…let me know asap!

until next time, hope you’re having a good Summer sofar

Candy xo